Always Sparkling, Always Brenchee

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Brenchee is a reputable business brand that trades with Business names-Brenchee Kiddies world, Brenchee exclusive ,Brenchee Winebank and The company  deals on variety of quality goods ,which include Baby items, Adult clothes ,Phones & accessories, computer & accessories, Watches and Drinks.

The company has both online and onsite shops. The onsite shop Brenchee Kiddies world is located at No94 New Lagos Road,New Benin, Benin City Edo State and it sells quality children cloths,shoes,toys,bicycles,watches, toiletries etc & Brenchee Xclusive at No54 2nd-Ugbor Road by Obehi junction before Rehab lounge GRA Benin City and it sells quality phones accessories and gadgets.The phone shop also has resident phone technicians for phone repairs. The online shop address sells quality items and delivers to your doorstep via DHL.

Brenchee has a Team of dedicated staff whose main objective is to render distinctive quality service to  various  customers.

We are like Diamonds,

Always Sparkling,

Always Brenchee




2348037202286-As you trust and patronize us, promises are kept.